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95% of divorce cases are settled out of court and last over 12 months. So why Litigate?

Your Divorce, Your Terms: up to 5 times faster.

Your Divorce. Your Terms.

Choose Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation, unlike the traditional court-based litigation process, offers a quicker and less stressful solution. With mediation, spouses are in control of their futures instead of being controlled by the system (judge and attorneys).It is also more affordable than a court proceeding. Mediation promotes collaboration between spouses instead of creating division like in litigation where attorneys may aggressively represent their client’s interests.Mediation is a healthier alternative to the toxic nature of court proceedings which can be insensitive and further break down a family already facing overwhelming challenges.

Divorce mediation can help resolve the four essential issues that arise in divorce cases, which include:

Your Simple 3-Step Path to Divorce

Our team of experts will closely guide you and your spouse through
the mediation and divorce process.

Initial Consultation

Our mediation service is dedicated to helping couples come together to address their separation and divorce issues, outside of court. During the consultation, we discuss your unique situation.

Mediation Sessions

After choosing Resolvium for your divorce mediation needs, we will schedule your first mediation session. Our team of expertly trained mediators will work with you to create a personalized divorce solution.

Divorce Resolution

If you opt for our divorce mediation services, the process of finalizing your divorce with your spouse will be easy. Once all necessary agreements have been signed, Resolvium can guide you to our consulting independent attorney

5 Day Divorce

Empowering Solutions, Collaboration, Efficient Results.

Our 5 day divorce mediation process is designed to provide couples with a streamlined and efficient way to navigate their divorce journey up to 5 times faster. We understand that this is a challenging and emotional time, and our goal is to guide you through the process with clarity, compassion, and efficiency. By condensing the mediation timeline into 5 focused days, we offer a concentrated approach that helps couples reach mutually beneficial agreements and move forward with their lives.

Our Resolved Clients

Essential Issues

In divorce mediation, the primary focus is on resolving the division of assets, debts, and parenting responsibility and sharing time fairly and amicably. Unlike traditional litigation where one party aims to “win” the case, mediation focuses on finding mutually beneficial solutions for both parties involved.
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