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Is Mediation Right for Me?


One of the best things about divorce mediation is that it can give you the chance to get a divorce without a lot of conflict. Working with your spouse and a mediator can be less stressful than standing in front of a judge. However, mediation doesn’t work in every case. You and the other spouse need to be on the same page. Below, we’ll talk about a few signs that mediation is right for you and your situation.

Both Spouses Agree to Divorce

It might seem like all the divorces on television and film are highly contentious. This is not always the case in the real world. Some couples mutually decide to seek a divorce. If you and your spouse both say the marriage is over, you can file together for divorce or one of you can file while the other is aware it is happening. By being on the same page, working together and negotiating tends to be simpler.

The Spouses Are Open About Finances

Finances can be one of the most complicated parts of a divorce. Each spouse has to provide the other and the mediator with sensitive information, such as documentation for stocks, pensions, retirement accounts, bank accounts, and other debts and assets. 

Most of the time, one spouse is more aware of the liabilities and assets than the other. If you don’t have all the information, you’ll need to investigate and become more aware of your marital estate before you go forward with a property settlement.

Both Spouses Agree on Custody

In addition to finances, child visitation and custody are complex parts of a divorce. Thankfully, most parents are willing to compromise for the good of their children. However, there can always be complications, which is where mediation can help. Mediation is a place to work with your spouse to decide who should do the day-to-day care of the child, who needs to pay child support, and how often the children will visit the other parent.

Parents tend to know what’s best for their kids, and the best way to make sure your child is protected is by negotiating custody terms with your spouse. As you talk about the options, the mediator can offer suggestions and advice to help you resolve any issues.

If your divorce isn’t as contentious as it could be, mediation could be a great way to move forward. It gives you a method to resolve issues without standing before a judge. It can save both time and money for you and your spouse. Contact Resolvium to learn more today!


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