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What to Expect from Divorce Mediation

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There are few things more frustrating and daunting than the word “divorce”. It’s one of the most stressful situations anyone can go through. Divorce mediation offers an alternative to going to court and puts you and your spouse in control of the outcome, rather than leaving it all in the hands of a judge. But what should you expect from the process?

The Judge Still Plays a Role

First, understand that while you’ll work with an experienced mediator, the court still has a role. A judge must approve your divorce, the breakdown of assets and debts, any child support, and everything else.


The mediator is there to act as a barrier between you and your spouse, and to help facilitate a calm negotiation. That demands neutrality in all respects, including child custody, child and spousal support, and other terms of the divorce. There should be no bias here, and if you feel that the mediator leans toward your spouse (or you), find a new one.

The Guidance You Need

Once, divorce mediators only helped keep the process civil so that the two spouses could work things out for themselves. Today, things have changed. While mediators are not allowed to provide you with legal advice, they can help you understand how specific decisions may be seen by the court, such as whether something is fair or not.

A Need for Transparency

Divorce mediation requires honesty for success. That means you will need to be completely transparent about things most people are used to not talking about, such as their finances and assets. You may even need to discuss your goals for post-divorce life, particularly if you plan to move and there are children involved.

Plenty of Structure

Mediation is not a haphazard process. It’s not a shouting session or a chance to get those frustrations off your chest. Instead, it’s a series of structured discussions designed to help you and your spouse steadily advance toward a mutually equitable arrangement and a successful divorce.

The Help You Need

Divorce mediation is a positive process that helps you and your spouse work together to find a way forward. It’s very different from the conventional divorce process and offers an important alternative. It also helps put you and your spouse in a different environment where it’s easier to work with one another. While divorce is never a simple process, mediation makes it easier to handle and retain some degree of control. If you should have any questions, reach out to the experts at Resolvium-Divorce Mediation today!


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